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Customer Service 

Tel +32 (0)475 74 94 41.

The appartments do have specific guidelines to use, to get access, or any specifics. An email will be sent within maximum 48h following any reservation. If reservations are made shortly before the ordered period we will do every effort to get you the directions earlier
In case of a rental car, the car will be made available by the appartment, in a garage, or in a public accessible parking.
If only a car is reserved without an appartment special arrangements will be made to deliver car, and carkeys. Depending on the location delivery is possible.
Privacy & Security
Livotel never shares your personal data with thirth any other party without your explicite permission. We might use it on promotion of services of Livotel, but we understand it's not pleasant ti clutter up your email inbox. Therefore we will be conservative on using it.
We do need you data in order to help you if any problem would arise.
Returns & Replacements
Livotel does not cancel reservations or return any money. The reason we can offer a great service at a great price is becouse we maintain a very strict payment policy. If Livotel cannot provide the reserved Livotel space or rental car, we will take any effort in providing an equal alternative. If a mistake is made in the reservation itself (e.g. a car reservation in a different period of the appartment) we will get in contact and take an effort in correcting it for you.
Reservation will only be possible to make through the website; The automated system allows to have a great service at a great price. Only for really extensive periods (longer then 6 months) or for multiple items at the same time (more then five appartments and/or cars) you can contact us to arrange things centrally.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Payment is always up front: it is the only way the service can be privided at a great price. We rarely have any promotions because we believe a fair price should be maintained at all times. Also in the busy periods.
Viewing Orders
The easiest way to look at your reservations is by checking your email: all the data is there, and any updates should show in the last email you 've got.
It is possible to view also you reservations if you did registrate and used your registration while doing the reservations. To check it click the tag on the top left in the webshop that says 'My account'.
Updating Account Information
To update your account information (after you registred) you simply go to 'My account' in the top right corner of the website.
Once you are in this page, you can edit anything by clicking on the 'Edit' link. Do check the different tabs on the left to access various fact of your account.