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About Us

Livotel offers furnished appartments with utilities and rentalcars for the midterm.

Livotel is a small enterprise with a great ambition; To provide a better service then a hotel or classic rental company to professionals on the move.

To contact us as a customer please call +32 (0)475 74 94 41.

Livotel is a Belgian company according an idea by Jan Paulussen, under the umbrella of:

Lostraat 36
2520 Broechem Ranst
BE 0872.845.095


The initial startup happened with the help of a number of freelancers, each with their own specialisties.

Hans Van Groeningen takes care of the technical matters of the website, including charts and layouts.

Erwin Paulussen was the coach at the start, he provided strong hints on what the image should look like, and on the estetical part of the website.

Jan Paulussen is coordinating, provides the necessairy funds, and does the financial planning.

Yet, like it should be in a flexible small company, everybody helps out everywhere necessairy. No matter any specialities.


We hope to provide you with a great service that helps you develop as a professional as well!

the Livotel Team.