Service for the mobile professional

Are you mobile and want to stay close to your customer or the assignment? Most people will stay in a hotel and have to go to a restaurant every evening. Others try to arrange an apartment and buy their own furniture. Both options are not ideal.

Now you can choose to get a bussiness apartment and a matching rental car. You rent the apartment by the week without having to worry about privacy, decoration or cleaning. And if you don't want to go to the restaurant, you can quickly cook something yourself!

More comfort then a hotel, without longterm commitments?

Appartement en auto

Our Experience

We have experienced it ourselves... to work on location is no fun if you have to stay in cheap hotels. They are unpersonal and have no space, and you have to go out every evening to look for a restaurant. It's no place to get any work done whatsoever.

To arrange an apartment for a few months is even more miserable; get utilities like water, heating, electricity and internet up and running, buy or ship furniture, do you own cleaning? And cancel everything again when leaving. Maybe in a language you don't understand?

It can be better and cheaper. That's why there now is Livotel.

Mobiele professional


 Tel +32 (0)475 74 94 41


What We Offer:

• A comfortable, furnished appartment
• More freedom and privacy than in a hotel
• The calm of your own wokplace
Business car, cheaper than rental companies
Kitchen with fridge, oven and microwave
• Fast WiFi connection
• Cleaning service included
• All services on one invoice


Business appartment & car per week

You rent a furnished apartment by the week at Livotel, possibly including a rental car, for less then you would pay a hotel and car separately. The whole week you have a spacious place not just to sleep but also to live. U can cook if you don't want to go out for breakfast ot souper. and you have a nice working space including an  internet connection as fast as the office one.